Philly/DC Caravan to CIW’s Parade & Concert for Fair Food

Every year, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers organizes a major spring action; and every year, allies and community members from across the country, fly, drive, bike, and even caravan down to Florida in order to take part in this annual tradition. This year, friends and community members from both DC and Philly will be caravaningContinue reading “Philly/DC Caravan to CIW’s Parade & Concert for Fair Food”


Valentine’s Day Breakup with Wendy’s!

On Friday, February the 13th, the Alliance for Fair Food launched a National Valentine’s Weekend of Action to call on Wendy’s to show some love for farmworker and join the Fair Food Program! Wendy’s don’t be #frosty! Join the #FairFoodProgram! DC Fair Food began the weekend with an intimate Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Dinner with an elegant homeContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Breakup with Wendy’s!”

Report Back: “Food Chains” Is a Huge Hit in the District!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, as we reflected on what we were grateful for, Washington, DC had the opportunity to take a look at our food system. “Food Chains,” a documentary by Sanjay Rawal, premiered across the country on Friday, November 21st with DC being one of several cities welcoming the premiere. “Food Chains” explores theContinue reading “Report Back: “Food Chains” Is a Huge Hit in the District!”

“Food Chains” Reflection by Bonnie May

Below is an original reflection from DC Fair Food member and 4P Foods Good Food Specialist, Bonnie May. The original post can be found on the 4P Foods blog. On November 23rd, I went to see the documentary “Food Chains” during its premiere screening at the West End Cinema, organized by DC Fair Food. Thanks to FoundingContinue reading ““Food Chains” Reflection by Bonnie May”

“Food Chains” gets extended screening at West End Cinema!

The #FairFoodNation has done it again!! Due to a tremendous organizing effort, DC Fair Food had succeeded in hosting a phenomenal premiere weekend of the new documentary film, “Food Chains.” Countless DC residents filed into the theaters this past weekend and have proven DC to be a national leader in the farmworker justice movement. The film achieved an almostContinue reading ““Food Chains” gets extended screening at West End Cinema!”

“Food Chains” Premieres in DC!

“UP, UP WITH THE FAIR FOOD NATION!! DOWN, DOWN WITH THE EXPLOITATION!!” Join DC Fair Food as we host the premiere screening of Food Chains, the first ever documentary featuring the Coalition of Immokalee Workers! Co-produced by Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser (producer of Food, Inc. and author of Fast Food Nation) and narrated byContinue reading ““Food Chains” Premieres in DC!”

Celebrating Food Day Locally

This year DC Fair Food decided to celebrate #FoodDay2014 by volunteering at Three Part Harmony Farm, an urban farm located in NE Washington DC. A partnership between DC Fair Food and local urban agriculture has been brewing for several years. By contributing to our home food economy and participating in the food sovereignty movement, we are striving to connect our participation inContinue reading “Celebrating Food Day Locally”

Report Back: “Land and Freedom” Film Screening

On October 8, 2014, DC Fair Food hosted a beautiful conglomerate of folks involved with food justice. After watching the documentary “Land and Freedom,” we discussed the intersection of urban agriculture, food justice and sovereignty, and labor rights – among other issues that affect us, no matter where we live. Conversation strayed from the 2014Continue reading “Report Back: “Land and Freedom” Film Screening”

Report Back: Now Is The Time Tour

On Saturday, March 8th, 30+ members of the Washington DC based Student/Farmworker Alliance Fair Food Chapter, DC Fair Food, traveled 400 miles to attend the Coalition of Immokalee Worker’s Wendy’s Headquarter Action on their 10 day, 10 city Now Is The Time Tour. Upon arriving Saturday afternoon, we were able to celebrate International’s Woman’s DayContinue reading “Report Back: Now Is The Time Tour”