BREAKING!! Ahold USA (Giant and Stop n Shop) Join the Fair Food Program!

Ahold:  “The Fair Food Program is a time-tested leader in improving the lives of agricultural workers…” CIW:  Ahold’s “leadership will send an invaluable message to the rest of the grocery industry that social responsibility is greatly strengthened when workers, suppliers and retailers work together toward a more modern, more humane agricultural industry.” In a landmark development forContinue reading “BREAKING!! Ahold USA (Giant and Stop n Shop) Join the Fair Food Program!”

Report Back: “Food Chains” Is a Huge Hit in the District!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, as we reflected on what we were grateful for, Washington, DC had the opportunity to take a look at our food system. “Food Chains,” a documentary by Sanjay Rawal, premiered across the country on Friday, November 21st with DC being one of several cities welcoming the premiere. “Food Chains” explores theContinue reading “Report Back: “Food Chains” Is a Huge Hit in the District!”

“Food Chains” gets extended screening at West End Cinema!

The #FairFoodNation has done it again!! Due to a tremendous organizing effort, DC Fair Food had succeeded in hosting a phenomenal premiere weekend of the new documentary film, “Food Chains.” Countless DC residents filed into the theaters this past weekend and have proven DC to be a national leader in the farmworker justice movement. The film achieved an almostContinue reading ““Food Chains” gets extended screening at West End Cinema!”

“Food Chains” Premieres in DC!

“UP, UP WITH THE FAIR FOOD NATION!! DOWN, DOWN WITH THE EXPLOITATION!!” Join DC Fair Food as we host the premiere screening of Food Chains, the first ever documentary featuring the Coalition of Immokalee Workers! Co-produced by Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser (producer of Food, Inc. and author of Fast Food Nation) and narrated byContinue reading ““Food Chains” Premieres in DC!”

Giant Thanksgiving Action

Weren’t able to make it to the GIANT Thanksgiving Action? No worries, we’ve got pictures! Over 50 Manager letters were signed and delivered to the Giant manager. We got an incredibly supportive response from the greater community, and gathered a few more allies. The action was definitely a success and we can’t wait to see what’sContinue reading “Giant Thanksgiving Action”

New video from the Giant action!

At this final stop on the CIW’s Northeast Tour, we were honored to be joined by the many allies and Giant shoppers from the D.C. region, including Rev. Michael Livingston, of the Poverty Initiative at the National Council of Churches of Christ, as well as Jeff Krehbiel of the Church of the Pilgrims, and Ben Burkett andContinue reading “New video from the Giant action!”

Mon. 3.26 @ 8PM: Strategy Conference Call for April Action!

We’ve just got some great news that there will be a big action here to mobilize the campaign against Giant in mid-April with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers! Please join us for a D.C.-Baltimore Strategy conference call on Monday, 3/26, at 8 pm. Call: 218-339-4300 Pass code: 306419 hope to talk to everyone then! D.C.Continue reading “Mon. 3.26 @ 8PM: Strategy Conference Call for April Action!”