Giant Delegation Reportback!

With a delegation of students and local allies from the labor movement, the sustainable food movement, and communities of faith, D.C. Fair Food joined the CIW on their Do the Right Thing Tour to tell Ahold USA at their HQ in Landover, MD, that they need to step up as a leader in the supermarketContinue reading “Giant Delegation Reportback!”


Boston Action Reportback!

D.C. Fair Food took a bus full of students from Georgetown University’s Georgetown Solidarity Committee, Georgetown Washington University’s Progressive Student Union and Students for Fair Trade, and American University’s MEChA group as well as a representative from Washington D.C.’s Union de Trabajadores to Boston for the biggest action the CIW has ever done in theContinue reading “Boston Action Reportback!”

Get ready for Boston! Feb. 27, 2011, March to STOP SweatSHOPS

D.C. Fair Food: Click Here to Register Online for the First Stop on the CIW’s Do the Right Thing Tour! Let us know that you want a spot on the caravan from Washington, D.C. to Boston to join farmworkers from Immokalee and their allies for the CIW’s largest and most-important action ever in the Northeast!Continue reading “Get ready for Boston! Feb. 27, 2011, March to STOP SweatSHOPS”