Report Back: “Land and Freedom” Film Screening

On October 8, 2014, DC Fair Food hosted a beautiful conglomerate of folks involved with food justice. After watching the documentary “Land and Freedom,” we discussed the intersection of urban agriculture, food justice and sovereignty, and labor rights – among other issues that affect us, no matter where we live. Conversation strayed from the 2014 DC Food Security Act that’s pending in the City Council, all the way to GMO policies in India. It was enlightening to hear many voice converge in one space after having watched a documentary about urban agriculture – an issue the encompasses so many perspectives.
– Michelle Stern, Georgetown Student and DC Fair Food Member

Thank you to our special guests who participated in the panel discussion:
Brain Myers, filmmaker, Land & Freedom: Talking Food Systems
Gail Taylor, Farmer and Operator, Three Part Harmony Farm
Jeremiah Lowery, Restaurant Opportunities Center-DC


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