Celebrating Food Day Locally

This year DC Fair Food decided to celebrate #FoodDay2014 by volunteering at Three Part Harmony Farm, an urban farm located in NE Washington DC. A partnership between DC Fair Food and local urban agriculture has been brewing for several years. By contributing to our home food economy and participating in the food sovereignty movement, we are striving to connect our participation in the Campaign for Fair Food and the national agriculture industry to our local struggles and movements.

This Food Day was also the Second Annual Garlic Planting and we were fortunate enough to take part in the garlic planting that happens seasonally before autumn turns to winter. Click here to view photos from the Sisters of the Soul Fall Harvest and Feast which followed the planting.

Three Part Harmony Farm’s founder, Gail Taylor, is the main driving force behind the DC Urban Farming and Food Security Act of 2014. This bill supports urban farmers and their ability to sustain their business and livelihoods in the city of Washington DC.

In an article entitled, DC considers bill to encourage farming on vacant lots, The Washington Post writes:

Echoing similar initiatives in cities such as San Francisco and Baltimore, the D.C. Urban Farming and Food Security Act would change that. The bill outlines a plan to connect publicly and privately owned vacant land with urban farming ventures in an effort to provide more sustainable and healthy food options for surrounding communities and to transform unused and sometimes unsafe areas into productive green spaces.

If you’d like to share your support for this bill, use #FoodStoryDC and share why you support urban farming in DC.

For more information of Three Part Harmony Farm visit: threepartharmonyfarm.org


Photos taken by: Sarah G. Vazquez


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