Report Back: #2014Encuentro

This September DC Fair Food traveled to the epicenter of the Fair Food Movement to participate in the Student/Farmworker Alliance’s annual strategy retreat, the Encuentro.

Brittany Urse, a DC Fair Food member and former SFA Steering Committee Member, had this to say about the experience:

The 2014 Encuentro was a great opportunity for me to reengage in the Campaign for Fair Food. Beyond connecting with the very passionate and inspiring young leaders of SFA, I am grateful for being to able to return to Immokalee for the first time in a few years, hear more about the Fair Foods Standards Council and the changes that our occurring now, and learn more about the Boot the Braids campaign. I am excited to bring this energy back to DC Fair Food and can’t wait to see Food Chains, Sanjay Rawal’s documentary featuring the CIW, screened in our community.

To read a full report back, visit the CIW website post, “I Believe We Will Win” Youth gather in Immokalee for the 2014 Encuentro…! and visit the DC Fair Food Facebook page for a full photo album!


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