DC Fair Food attends the CIW Wendy’s Action in Ohio, 2016

Thank you to one of our members for giving us a first hand account of what the CIW Worker’s tour Ohioh action was like this year! You couldn’t look away. You heard the voices of the hundreds of people gathered together, echoing as they continued forward. Forward- that is what the people united sound like.Continue reading “DC Fair Food attends the CIW Wendy’s Action in Ohio, 2016”


Fair Food Reflection by Patricia Cipollitti

Below is an original reflection written by DC Fair Food Member and Georgetown University Student, Patricia Cipollitti after the Georgetown University Kalmanovitz Initiative sponsored her trip down to Immokalee in September of 2014 to attend the Student/Farmworker Alliance Encuentro. The Kalmanovitz Initiative continues to support DC Fair Food’s work and will be hosting a screening ofContinue reading “Fair Food Reflection by Patricia Cipollitti”

“Food Chains” Reflection by Bonnie May

Below is an original reflection from DC Fair Food member and 4P Foods Good Food Specialist, Bonnie May. The original post can be found on the 4P Foods blog. On November 23rd, I went to see the documentary “Food Chains” during its premiere screening at the West End Cinema, organized by DC Fair Food. Thanks to FoundingContinue reading ““Food Chains” Reflection by Bonnie May”