“Food Chains” Reflection by Bonnie May

Below is an original reflection from DC Fair Food member and 4P Foods Good Food Specialist, Bonnie May. The original post can be found on the 4P Foods blog. On November 23rd, I went to see the documentary “Food Chains” during its premiere screening at the West End Cinema, organized by DC Fair Food. Thanks to FoundingContinue reading ““Food Chains” Reflection by Bonnie May”


Why Fast? A Reflection on the Fast for Fair Food

Our world is in incredible crisis right now, and yet, movements for greater social and economic justice are being dismissed. Those who turn away, I fear, have succumbed to the overwhelming and dominant notion that the path forward must be paved with the oppression of many so that a few may swell their financial gain.Continue reading “Why Fast? A Reflection on the Fast for Fair Food”