Valentine’s Day Breakup with Wendy’s!

On Friday, February the 13th, the Alliance for Fair Food launched a National Valentine’s Weekend of Action to call on Wendy’s to show some love for farmworker and join the Fair Food Program!

Wendy’s don’t be #frosty! Join the #FairFoodProgram!

DC Fair Food began the weekend with an intimate Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Dinner with an elegant home cooked meal hand-served by DC Fair Food members. We invited friends and loved ones from around the District to enjoy the good company, good food, and help us raise funds for the CIW’s annual spring action.

Every year, DC Fair Food and allies venture down to Florida to support the CIW’s spring action – this year we will be caravaning down to St. Petersburg on March 21st for a “Concert for Fair Food“!

This is one of the most important ways for allies and community members to get involved, and support the Campaign for Fair Food and the proven solution to farmworker exploitation — The Fair Food Program.

Unfortunately, we had to end the National Weekend of Action on a sad note:

Last year on Valentine’s Day we proposed to Wendy’s, asking her to join the Fair Food Program. A year later, she has still refused to respect farmworker’s rights. So, this Valentine’s Day, we broke up with Wendy’s! Enough is enough!

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A special thank you goes out to our local partners who donated food and made the Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Dinner possible: Zenful Bites, 4P Foods, and Copy Cat Co.


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