Philly/DC Caravan to CIW’s Parade & Concert for Fair Food

Every year, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers organizes a major spring action; and every year, allies and community members from across the country, fly, drive, bike, and even caravan down to Florida in order to take part in this annual tradition.

This year, friends and community members from both DC and Philly will be caravaning down together to St. Pete, FL on march 21st for the CIW’s major spring action: “The Parade and Concert for Fair Food”!

Why the “Parade and Concert for Fair Food”?

Today, the fourth full season of the Fair Food Program has seen protections in the Florida tomato industry stronger than ever before, with over twenty thousand workers educated by their CIW peers on their new rights: the right to report abuse without fear of retaliation; the right to form participatory health and safety committees; the right to work free of wage theft, sexual harassment, slavery.

In the recent words of one worker: “Our dignity has been restored.”

But the proliferation of these rights across industries is not inevitable. It requires, more than ever, the participation of allies around the country to heed the call of the CIW and convince remaining corporate holdouts, principal among them Publix and Wendy’s, to stop their futile attempts to turn back the clocks and join this proven solution to decades-old farmworker abuse.

So this spring, we’ll take to the streets of downtown St. Petersburg toward Publix and Wendy’s — but this time, parade-style.

Because though their intransigence is unconscionable, we have cause to celebrate — and we’re certainly not going to let them turn us ‘round. Our vibrant procession, full of original artwork, puppets, and even floats, will wind its way until arriving at Vinoy Park for an unmatched Concert for Fair Food, which promises unforgettable dusk-time performances on the edge of the water.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this historic action!





Thursday Night 03/19
•Buses leave NE (times TBA)
Friday 03/20
•Caravans Arrive in St. Petersburg, FL
Saturday 03/21
•Parade and Concert for Fair Food
Sat Night 03/21
•Caravans depart after action

**Meals and housing will be provided.
**Potential buses leaving earlier as needed.

More info:


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