March 8-9: Northeast Caravan to CIW Spring Action

REGISTER TODAY/REGISTRARSE HOY: Facebook event with more information/evento de Face con más info: Friends! Ready to join hundreds from across the country for a historic farmworker-led action? March 5th the Coalition of Immokalee Workers kicks off the “Now is the Time” grand tour through the Southeast and reaching as far north as theContinue reading “March 8-9: Northeast Caravan to CIW Spring Action”

PRESS ROUND-UP: Wendy’s March

Press Round-Up “Then as now, students are demonstrating that they stand in solidarity with the farmworkers of Florida. Wendy’s ability to shirk accountability largely rests on the cynical hope that consumers will remain indifferent and ignorant toward its human factors of production. They are mistaken; students are engaged and informed, and if history serves asContinue reading “PRESS ROUND-UP: Wendy’s March”

REPORT BACK: Wendy’s Founder’s Day March

Report Back On November 16th, DC Fair Food organized 130+ students, allies, concerned consumers from DC, and East Coast supporters to march for the demand on Wendy’s to sign the CIW’s Fair Food Program. We gathered in front of the White House to rally and practice our chants/gritos before marching out to a Wendy’s. WeContinue reading “REPORT BACK: Wendy’s Founder’s Day March”

¡Wendy’s Founder’s Day March!

[abajo en Español] Dear Fair Food Nation: DC Fair Food presents: And don’t miss the after party!: WENDY’S FOUNDER’S DAY MARCH! Where: Lafayette Square, The White House Date: Saturday, Nov. 16th Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm RSVP on Facebook: Register ASAP: #WendysMarch Party! Where: 3415 Oakwood Terrace, NW. Mt. Pleasant. Date: Saturday, Nov 16th Time:Continue reading “¡Wendy’s Founder’s Day March!”

Wendy’s Week of Action

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Wendy’s action last Wednesday! Wendy’s customers wanted to know why Wendy was there herself (aka Amanda). When we told them Wendy’s was refusing to join the Fair Food Program, they were outraged! One customer pulling into the drive-through turned right around. She didn’t want to support Wendys’Continue reading “Wendy’s Week of Action”

Report Back: Wendy’s Shareholder Action in NYC

For months now the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has been encouraging Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program and the rest of the Fair Food Nation in the collective fight for farmworker freedom. Wendy’s current CEO, Emil Brolick, was CEO of Taco Bell when they signed with the CIW way back in 2005. BecauseContinue reading “Report Back: Wendy’s Shareholder Action in NYC”

CIW takes on Wendys!

Old fashioned is right!… It’s time for Wendy’s to join the rest of the fast-food industry in the 21st century and support the Fair Food Program! What about Wendy’s? With one glaring exception, the top five fast-food companies in the world have joined the Fair Food Program, paying a penny-per-pound premium on the tomatoes they purchaseContinue reading “CIW takes on Wendys!”

Inaugurating Wendy into the CIW Campaign

DC Fair Food’s first letter delivery to Wendy’s manager at the Petworth location! This January President Obama was not the only person being sworn into office. DC Fair Food swore Wendy into the Coalition of Immokalee Worker’s campaign! Although DC Fair Food suports this, Wendy’s, the corporation, has yet to sign with the CIW showing thatContinue reading “Inaugurating Wendy into the CIW Campaign”