CIW takes on Wendys!

Old fashioned is right!…


It’s time for Wendy’s to join the rest of the fast-food industry in the 21st century and support the Fair Food Program!

What about Wendy’s?

With one glaring exception, the top five fast-food companies in the world have joined the Fair Food Program, paying a penny-per-pound premium on the tomatoes they purchase from Florida growers and requiring their suppliers to meet the more modern, more humane labor standards contained in the Fair Food Code of Conduct.

Wendy’s is the only member of the Fair Food Family that has yet to join the Fair Food Program! Look at when all the other members of the family joined: Taco Bell (2005) McDonald’s (2007), Burger King (2008), Subway, (2009). Chipotle (2012).

Join consumers from across the country in the coming weeks as they call on Wendy’s to partner with the CIW in advancing the human rights and dignity of farmworkers in its supply chain!

Let’s talk strategy:

    • Want to know where there are Wendy’s in the DMV area? Check out the map below:
  • Don’t forget to like Wendy’s on facebook and follow Wendy’s on Twitter!! This way when you talk about the Fair Food Campaign on Facebook and Twitter you can link directly to Wendy’s social media :).
  • Remember: When talking about the Campaign for Fair Food on Twitter, use #FairFoodNation. When talking about DC Fair Food use #DCFF
  • Click here if you would like to join the national listserv for the Wendy’s campaign, “What About Wendy’s?” You will receive updates about latest facts, figures and actions related to the campaign.
  • Click here to download Wendy’s manager letter from DC Fair Food.



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