REPORT BACK: Wendy’s Founder’s Day March

Report Back

On November 16th, DC Fair Food organized 130+ students, allies, concerned consumers from DC, and East Coast supporters to march for the demand on Wendy’s to sign the CIW’s Fair Food Program.

We gathered in front of the White House to rally and practice our chants/gritos before marching out to a Wendy’s. We walked from the White House along a lane on New York Ave.

We arrived in full force with an amazing group of marching people singing and shaking it all the way. At Wendy’s we picketed in front of the store for about 25 minutes before sending in a delegation of 4 students to deliver the manager letter.

The manager listened to our delegation without any trouble, and mentioned he would pass the message on to his general manager.

Overall, the action was a tremendous success and was by far DC Fair Food’s largest action ever!! Not only did we complete our mission, but everyone had a great time organizing together.

After our action we gathered in Mt. Pleasant, DC for a music workshop/taller and then a packed fundraiser party with a local DJ collective and our son jarocho group (fundraising a total of $1,056)!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a phenomenal action!

¡Adelante! Forward!

The DC Fair Food Crew

PS: Click here for the full press round-up.


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