SFA ACTION ALERT: Feb 12-14, Wendy’s Break Up Vids

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This weekend, Feb 12-14, the Student/Farmworker Alliance is calling for a VALENTINES DAY WEEKEND OF ACTION
Video Action
Submit a short video (no longer than 30 seconds) breaking up with Wendy’s over social media.
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Last year’s SFA Vday Action was a huge success. We’ve asked Wendy’s to be our Fair Food Valentine for 3 years now, and they’ve ignored us. Enough is enough! SFA is breaking up with Wendy’s to let them know we’re OVER IT. Let this be a reminder to Wendy’s of our national student boycott and that we will continue turning up the heat next month during the Workers Voice Tour
Video Guidelines
– 30 seconds or less
– Your name and where you’re from
– Why you’re breaking up with Wendy
– Tag @Wendys @sfalliance
– Upload on FB or Instagram
– Snap to Wendy’s @SnapWendys (then download and upload video on FB and/or Insta with tags)  
Messaging Suggestions
We are through with you until you respect farmworkers rights, Wendy’s! Trying to get me with your 4 for $4 deal? How about 1 penny more? Nelson Peltz, Wendy’s major shareholder, we called you last month but you haven’t called back!
PS: Don’t hesitate on letting your creativity shine through!
Check out the Facebook event for video examples, invite your friends, and get inspired by last years Immokalee Vday Action

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