DC Fair Food Meeting ¡Vamos pa’ lante!

Join us Sunday to discuss how to move forward with momentum from the March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food! We’ll be planning out future Wendy’s actions, art-making parties and even a trip to New York!

Details: Sunday, April 28th at 8pm @155 U Street NW. RSVP on Facebook!

And in case you need some more inspiration…

DC Fair Food Posters

Missed the meeting? Here are the notes!

Meeting Notes – April 28, 2013

Planning for May 18th Wendy’s shareholder action in NYC

  • There will be a day-long summit in NYC on May 17-18th in anticipation of the Wendy’s shareholder meeting on May 23rd; SFA wants allies to join!
  • DC Fair Food can contribute leftover art from RFC action in Baltimore; we can also make more next meeting
  • We got lots of art from the RFC action in Baltimore — will bring to NYC, and potentially make more next weekend during meeting
  • Intention would be to bring folks who haven’t joined Encuentro, etc. in the past, so would love to bring new folks in this way
  • Cassidy/Amanda potentially leading a workshop
  • Tentative plan: head up Friday night/Saturday morning by bus. Who has a car??
  • Who can come (as of now)? Jon, Melissa, Benjamin, Cassidy, Samuel (?)
  • Meeting next Sunday to check-in on transportation, etc. @ 7pm — Amanda’s house


UN Delegation to Immokalee

  • This Wednesday, UN is holding a press conference with preliminary findings from a trip to Immokalee and elsewhere
  • Melissa, Benjamin, others (?) are potentially planning to attend — Jon will follow up with Citlalic/Claudia on what the CIW’s ask on this might be

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