Chipotle Protest – July 25th – Dupont Circle!

Chipotle Protest!!

The CIW has officially begun its campaign against Chipotle, asking them to sign the Fair Food Agreement.

Major Washington D.C. Action // Dupont Circle
Wednesday, July 25th 6:00pm
Picket • Delegation

The Chipotle campaign is a campus centered campaign that focuses on students and to engage with the Campaign for Fair Food. Come out for a dynamic, educational and peaceful action!

Consciousness + Commitment = Change

Everyday, we as students, customers and consumers are deceived by the fast food industry to make us believe that we are eating just and healthy food. Chipotle is no different – read on to learn about how Chipotle lies to its customers everyday!

We hope to see you there!
-The DC Fair Food Crew


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