D.C. Fair Food meeting reportback + winter plans!

D.C. Fair Food had a gathering!

On November 29th, in the wake of Thanksgiving, D.C. Fair Food had its first official meeting in the District! Want the notes? Shoot us an email to join the listserv!

Here are some key next steps as well as things you can do over the holidays to support the Campaign for Fair Food!

next meeting: week of January 9th

late january: FIESTA!

… and big actions in March, with more details to come!

What can I do during the holidays to support the CIW?

Going home? Staying in your home town? Download a manager letter and bring it with you for your grocery shopping, where ever you are! The action of going in to talk to the manager, expressing your support for the CIW and asking them to pass on your concerns and letter to their higher ups, has a powerful and exponential impact on the campaign — and it’s easy!

Check out the CIW’s Action page for letters for each target grocery store!


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