Report Back & Video – Food Justice Bike Tour

DC Fair Food and Three Part Harmony Farm successfully pulled off Washington DC’s first ever “Food Justice Bike Tour & Community Dinner“! About 30 people came out on Father’s Day, June 21st, to show their support for #FoodJusticeDC movement in the District, urban farming and national farmworker organizing. Activists on bikes can travel much faster thanContinue reading “Report Back & Video – Food Justice Bike Tour”

Fundraiser – Help Get DC to the CIW Spring Action!

Every year, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers organizes a major spring action, and allies from across the country fly, drive, bike and caravan down to Florida to take part in this annual tradition. This year, DC and Philly will be caravaning down together to St. Pete, FL on March 21st for the CIW’s “Parade andContinue reading “Fundraiser – Help Get DC to the CIW Spring Action!”

Fundraiser: Son Cosita Seria y Los Gallos Negros

DC Fair Food is proud to present Son Cosita Seria and Los Gallos Negros! These two music groups brought traditional Mexican folk music to the streets of Washington DC for a great jam session for DC Fair Food’s Valentine’s Day Fundraiser. We enjoyed the good company and good music with some pupusas at Haydees Restaurant.Continue reading “Fundraiser: Son Cosita Seria y Los Gallos Negros”

DCFF Fundraiser & Victory Party! Feb. 11 @ 9pm

D.C. Fair Food is having a *VICTORY* party! There’s never been a better time to party than now, on the heels of a huge victory with Trader Joe’s! Help us raise some monies to get down to the CIW’s biggest action of the year in March 2012! Visit the Laptop Station to let Trader Joe’s PUBLIXContinue reading “DCFF Fundraiser & Victory Party! Feb. 11 @ 9pm”