Mini-Retreat Brunch Potluck

You’re invited to the… 
DC Fair Food Mini-Retreat Brunch
Who — 
You! We invite anyone and everyone who wants to participate to join us. In particular, we’d love to see the folks who are interested in contributing to a sustainable vision of DC Fair Food’s work in the DMV region
What —
Every year core organizers of DC Fair Food come together to think critically about where we come from, what we’re doing and where we’re going. This is a “min-retreat” because it will be a shorter length of time than we’ve done in the past but the work is just as important. We’ll be focusing on discussing our group Roles & Responsibilities, strategizing the current Boot The Braids campaign vision for our local food justice network and brainstorming ways to continue supporting the CIW and their work.
Why —
It is important that every we take a moment to pause and reflect on our own work and internal structure so that we can best support our food justice campaigns! We believe that reflection is a key aspect to thoughtful action. 
Where —
Stay tuned!
When —
Sunday, October 1st, 10am – 12pm
10:00 – arrive, eat, mingle
10:30 – start meeting!
RSVP on Facebook so we know you’re coming. This will be a brunch potluck — please bring something to share! 
See you on Sunday!
~ the DC Fair Food crew
Questions? Comments? Get in touch! info[at]

SAVE THE DATE: CIW’s Return to Human Rights Tour announced for March 16 – 29, 2017!

Mark your calendars, because it’s official! The CIW has announced their next major spring action: the Return to Human Rights Tour, March 16-29, 2017!

In the tradition of the Taco Bell Truth Tours that successfully mobilized tens of thousands of consumers nationwide toward victory in the Campaign for Fair Food’s seminal Taco Bell Boycott – and on the heels of last year’s successful Workers’ Voice Tour – farmworkers from Immokalee will join countless allies on next year’s Return to Human Rights Tour to take the Wendy’s Boycott deep into Wendy’s territory throughout the Midwest and the Southeast over the course of two weeks.ciw-return-to-human-rights-tour-announcement-photo

DC Fair Food will be caravanning to the major culminating action in Wendy’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio on March 26.


So, start making plans to meet us at major stops in Columbus or Tampa! And get in touch with us at info[at] to begin mobilizing with us to support this year’s major Return to Human Rights Tour!

It’s time for Wendy’s – and the country – to return to human rights. To read more about 2017’s Return to Human Rights Tour, check out the full tour announcement on the CIW’s website!
-The DC Fair Food Crew

Do you have a DC Fair Food T-shirt?


Friends! We now have DC Fair Food T-shirts. They are soft & colorful 2 sided American Apparel Unisex T-shirts. The front pocket print has the DC Fair Food logo on it. The back print has a picture from a DCFF/ CIW Action!

All the money for the shirts, goes directly to DCFF and the actions we are working on with students, the CIW/ SFA & the local community.

All t-shirts are $15.00

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & XX-Large

We can ship the t-shirts anywhere in the U.S. & the World.

Shipping is as follows:

$5.00 per t-shirt (United States)

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If you would like to buy one, go to our store:

***(If you are in the DC area, let us know and we can figure out an alternative to shipping)


Behind the Braids Truth Tour comes to DC!


As the Wendy’s Boycott swells with growing support, the CIW is ready to to go “Behind the Braids” and take the truth behind Wendy’s façade of social responsibility on the road this fall!

In a series of six regional tours, CIW farmworkers will join hundreds upon hundreds of consumer allies for powerful actions, film screenings, presentations, workshops, and interviews in nearly two dozen cities nationwide and grow commitment to the Wendy’s Boycott.

The CIW will be coming to town for October 26th-30th to Boycott Wendy’s!!

Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Screening of Food Chains
7:00 PM at the Mt. Pleasant Public Library (3160 16th St. NW)

Thursday, Oct. 27 – Student/Farmworker Alliance Teach-In
6:00 PM at GW University (District House B205, 2121 H St. NW)
Contact: &

Friday, Oct. 28 – DC Fair Food Community Fundraiser & Concert
6:00 PM at Haydee’s Restaurant (3102 Mt. Pleasant St. NW)

Sunday, Oct. 30 – March on Wendy’s
2 PM at Lafayette Square (1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW)
Contact: and

For more information on the tour, check out the official Behind the Braids website! And, make sure you have have signed the #BoycottWendys petition!


DCFF Brunch + July Organize Meeting

Join DC Fair Food for our monthly organize meeting! This time we’ll be combining it with a summer brunch – bring something to share!

WHEN: Sunday, July 10th
WHERE: Melissa’s house
WHEN: 11am – 1pm

11:00am — BRUNCH
12:00pm — MEETING
This meeting we’ll be focusing on planning our Aug 6th Boycott Wendy’s Action! We’ll also be discussing the Alliance for Fair Food Wendy’s Boycott Summit!

Questions? Get in touch with our host Melissa Gouge:

RSVP on Facebook for updated details!

REPORT BACK – Boycott Wendy’s Action


Boycott Wendy’s Action in Washington DC

After April’s Student/Farmworker Alliance Month of Outrage came to a close, DC Fair Food took to the streets to show Wendy’s that we won’t let them get away with farmworker exploitation!

In the early afternoon of Sunday May 15th, we marched from the Georgia Ave metro to say: “Enough is enough! Wendy’s we’re boycotting you until you join the CIW’s Fair Food Program!” We brought a mighty group of 30+ consumer allies including students, teachers and representatives from USAS, Fair Trade, Act TV and allies from Boston and Pennsylvania. We picketed in front of the store and talked to customers about why we’re boycotting Wendy’s. And, many thanks to our friend Koji who kept us in good spirits with his music!

View the full photo report back on our Facebook page!

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For over three years, farmworkers, students and communities across the country have been demanding that Wendy’s join its major competitors – Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King – in participating in the Fair Food Program. Yet, Wendy’s has instead consciously and shamefully opted to profit from farmworker poverty and abuse. Learn more about the Wendy’s boycott and how you can take action by visiting:

Respond to Publix’s new CEO change with call for Fair Food!


Hey Fair Foodies!

I wanted to pass along a timely request to all you active Fair Food social media mavens! Join us in responding to Publix’s new CEO change (and all their social media buzz around it) with an urgent call for Publix to also change the way they’re treating farmworkers and finally join the Fair Food Program. 
It was officially Ed Crenshaw’s last day as Publix CEO yesterday… and so as the new CEO Todd Jones is ushered in let’s make the call loud and clear: It’s a new day for farmworkers’ and it’s about time Publix does they’re part to support human rights for the workers that make their profits possible. 
Take to social media ASAP with the following sample posts:

.@Publix, as your CEO changes, change your position on farmworkers’ #humanrights and join @ciw’s @FairFoodProgram!


@Publix, as your CEO changes, change your position on farmworkers’ #humanrights and join CIW’s Fair Food Program! 

Catch y’all on social media! 

En la lucha, 

– the immokalee crew 

DC Fair food stands in solidarity with our Immigrant families!



On this historic day members of DC Fair food stood in solidarity with our Immigrant families to make sure that our voices were heard! Immigrant’s deserve justice, dignity & the right to keep our families together!
‪#‎daca‬ ‪#‎dapa‬ ‪#‎supremecourt‬ ‪#‎fightforfamilies‬ ‪#‎doloreshuerta‬ ‪#‎lasantacecilia‬

DC Fair Food attends the CIW Wendy’s Action in Ohio, 2016


Thank you to one of our members for giving us a first hand account of what the CIW Worker’s tour Ohioh action was like this year!

You couldn’t look away. You heard the voices of the hundreds of people gathered together, echoing as they continued forward. Forward- that is what the people united sound like. Forward- the signs of justice were literally everywhere. They said things like “derechos humanos” (human rights) and “Columbus demands Fair Food now!” Forward- that is what solidarity looked like.

On a brisk Sunday morning in early March, twelve members from DC Fair Food joined hundreds of people – including Coalition of Immokalee Workers, people of faith, and students – protesting the greed and oppression the fast food company Wendy’s continues to perpetuate by not signing the Fair Food Agreement. The message was simple: as the final major fast food company to hold out on signing the Fair Food Agreement (which protects the rights of farm workers and allows them to earn a living wage by simply paying a penny more per pound), Wendy’s needs to stop being stubborn and get on board!

We marched from a central park area, through a busy street with people at brunch or shopping, past the Ohio State University, and ended in another park, stopping only briefly to demonstrate outside of a Wendy’s restaurant. People took pictures and videos of us, waved, and expressed support as we marched and chanted. Members from the protest passed out fliers and educated folks on what the march was for. And the atmosphere was electrifying with the collective excitement and passion that folks were bringing in the pursuit of justice for the farm workers.

 However, the march was just the apex of the event. It was sandwiched (not a Wendy’s sandwich, of course) between an enjoyable night of communities from across the Northeast coming together, eating, and dancing to Olmeca and Romero Norteño, and between a theater production of a doomed engagement between Wendy’s and the “Tomato of Wrath”. In this depiction, Wendy’s was about to marry the “Tomato of Wrath” a symbol of corporate evil that consistently rejected the rights of workers and refused to sign the agreement for fair food. Thankfully, the engagement – rooted in greed, stubbornness, and exploitation – was rejected by everyone including the farm workers, the growers, and the consumers. At the conclusion, Wendy’s was ordered to join the Fair Food Agreement by the justice of the peace! Now, if we could just get the real Wendy’s to sign on to support farmworkers instead of shifting its production to Mexico, caring more about publicity than people, and profiting from farmworker poverty. Hence, the boycott!

 The Workers Voice tour continued forward on to Louisville and through different spots in Florida, weaving its way through communities just like Columbus, OH that showed support for the amazing human rights movement of the Coalition of the Immokalee Workers. And after a quick weekend full of marching and memories, we too continued forward to our home of DC. Exhausted but invigorated, we reflected on our highlights of the trip (below). And continuously inspired by the work of the CIW, DC Fair Food continues to move forward in this path towards Fair Food justice, engaging our local Washington DC community to join us in the fight against Wendy’s. Forward- yes, we must keep moving forward, for it is justice for farm workers that we seek.

We invite you all to participate in our next event,  “Boycott Wendy’s! Stand with Farm Workers DC Action”on Sunday, May 14th.

DC Fair Food planning meeting Sunday April 17th, 5pm. Georgetown University

Hello Luchador@s!
Join us Sunday, April 17 at 5 pm to help organize the Wendy’s boycott in Washington DC and to talk about future events!

RSVP on Facebook:

Location: 3632 O St, NW, Washington D.C. 2007 (Look for an Orange house, right across from the main entrance)