Food Justice Bike Ride and Community Dinner Fundraiser | June 21st

SECONDPOSTERWhen most people think about the food movement, what comes to mind is likely a $8 jar of artisanal sauerkraut, or a waiter getting grilled about the locality, diet, slaughter, and general happiness of a chicken. But there’s another side of the movement for a better food system — food justice movements that connect the quality and affordability of the food we eat with the living and working conditions of the farmers, farmworkers, servers, cooks, and other food system workers that we rely on to set the table.

Join us for a bike tour of sites and local organizations working for food justice in DC and beyond. The ride will start at Dupont Circle and end at Three Part Harmony Farm with an outdoor community meal. We are asking for sliding scale donations of $10 or more to support both the farm and youth organizing in solidarity with farmworkers.

MEET UP at Dupont Circle at 3:30pm, June 21st. Ride will last approximately 2 hours and end at Three Part Harmony Farm (~Michigan and 4th Ave NE) with a meal around 6pm. Yes, this is Father’s Day!

And don’t forget to check out our event site for more information on purchasing tickets:

Want to get involved, or help out? E-mail

Don’t have a bike? No worries – you can easily rent one at a Capital Bikeshare station. The meeting place for the tour has a station, or go to:


Published by dcfairfood

Greetings from D.C. Fair Food! We are a local network of allies and advocates that organize in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), through working on a shared Campaign for Fair Food. The CIW is a community-based organization of mainly Latino, Mayan Indian and Haitian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida. The CIW, with the support of ally groups like D.C. Fair Food, has taken on some of the biggest fast food conglomerates in the world, securing agreements with nine corporations to ensure an end to human rights abuses and poverty wages for farmworkers. The CIW has aided the Department of Justice in successfully prosecuting seven slavery operations, resulting in the liberation of well over 1,000 workers.

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