DCFF Participates in Rooting DC, urban farming and gardening conference

This weekend, DC Fair Food participated in the Info Fair at Rooting DC, the District’s 8th annual free urban gardening conference. Held at Wilson High School, the event attracted over 1,200 people for a full day of workshops on all the skills required to grow and enjoy food in the city. Over 60 organizations joined the Info Fair, and DCFF was there in full force to educate people about the importance of worker leadership, the ally model of the Alliance for Fair Food, the unique success of the Fair Food Program, and the ongoing national campaign urging Wendy’s to join their fast food competitors and put a stop to modern-day slavery in the tomato fields.

DC Fair Food member and Real Food Challenge Staff, Jon Berger, reflects:

Personally, I had a great time at the event. Our focus on labor and food justice issues set us apart from many of the other organizations present, but I found that many people I talked to were at least vaguely aware of the issues that farmworkers face, and found great inspiration in the amazing success of the Fair Food Program implementation over the past two years. Some people were skeptical about the continued use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the tomato industry, but everyone I talked to eventually saw the ethical and strategic importance of supporting workers when they decide to focus first on the everyday issues of wage theft, harassment, and common dignity. I particularly enjoyed connecting with people from Eco-Hermanas, the Community Farming Alliance, and the Arlington Food Assistance Center.


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