Northeast Tour about to hit D.C.!

2012 Northeast Tour keeps rolling!

Silence and evasion from Stop & Shop, Giant, Chipotle reflects unjustifiable refusal to participate in Fair Food Program

Major Action at Giant/Ahold USA Corporate Offices
Landover, MD (just outside Washington DC)
Tuesday, April 17 4:00pm
Picket • Theater • Delegation
More info here

The Northeast Tour has been a resounding success thus far, as the tour crew of CIW and SFA members has been greeted warmly and enthusiastically by scores of friends and allies, old and new, from Boston to Philadelphia, Carlisle to the New York City area.

The reception from Stop & Shop, Giant, Ahold and Chipotle representatives, however, has been a bit more muted.

At every stop along the way thus far, representatives of Ahold, Giant, Stop & Shop and Chipotle have been utterly unwilling to have a real dialogue on their respective company’s untenable and inexplicable refusal to embrace the Fair Food Program and its promise for real, verifiable, concrete change in Florida’s fields. One Giant rep in particular revealed some interesting things about Ahold’s approach to ensuring (or not…) that its tomatoes are not harvested in conditions of exploitation or abuse… More on that later.

With each refusal, the resolve of the tour crew, allies in the Northeast, and the Fair Food Movement across the country only grows. Stay tuned…

the Immokalee crew

P.S. The CIW is featured in the new book “Food Movements Unite” from Food First. You can check out the CIW’s chapter here.

P.P.S. It’s been five years since our victory in the McDonald’s campaign!

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