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DC Fair Food is an entirely volunteer-run community group that supports its programming through grassroots fundraising from people and organizations who are deeply connected to the farmworker freedom and human rights movements. We partner with individuals, community organizations, universities, restaurants and musical groups to fundraise and cross-pollinate our messages.

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Donate Directly

  • DC Fair Food: Washington DC’s chapter of the Alliance for Fair Food, bringing together community members, students and people of faith to support farmworker justice and the Fair Food Program.
  • Alliance For Fair Food: a national network of people working in partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for farmworker justice.
  • Become a Fair Food Sustainer! Find more information about this sustainer program here.

[Alliance for Fair Food] shows that it is possible for people from seemingly different backgrounds, from opposite ends of the corporate supply chain, to join together around a common affirmation of humanity, of food that is produced sustainably and fairly, and that those people can struggle together and win.
–Anim Steel, Real Food Challenge

We extend a heartfelt “thank you” to members of the DC Fair Food community who have chosen to contribute a financial donation in the past.

Community Partners

In addition to receiving financial donations, we also work with a number of community partners to build our movement. We extend a special thank you to the following organizations, businesses and groups who have contributed their resources:


  • Son Cosita Seria, son jarocho collective
  • Maracuyeah DC: Tropical Amor DJ collective
  • Efrain Ramirez, photographer
  • Beth Geglia, photographer

Local Businesses

Organizations & Centers